Defying the Sheriff

coming 2018

Author B.A. McIntosh

Historical Romance Novels

Sheriff Gabe Duncan has his hands full with establishing law and order in the newly established town.  The last thing he needs is four girls underfoot and attempting to run a business on their own while unattached lumbermen make fools of their selves over them.  Convincing the tenacious Anna, that she needs to lead her sisters back east is hard enough, convincing himself that she would be better off anywhere but the untamed west with his scarred face and heart, was the most difficult of all.

​Anna and her three sisters travel to the new Pacific Northwest lumber town of Bridal Veil Falls to join their father in opening the town’s general store.   They arrive at the picturesque community only to find that their Papa had passed while they were in route.   What are four young, intelligent, unchaperoned women to do in a male dominated town?  Put down roots, of course!


Bridal Veil Falls series